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Buzzin in by magicia

Hello !!

I really like this photography !!
I think it's not impact enough ... because you could make a little bit more scarp, not all but a bit ...
The bee is very pretty, I love the way you take a photo of the bee, because her wings are streched by itself, that's not the way the most photos of bees are ...
The technique is very good, the macro lens is good, maybe you schould take a lot of photos, then you have the best focus, just training ^^ myself: after 10 minutes I have the focus, before ... uhh ...

The photo is very good, I like the cobweb on the riht side, that makes the pic intersting (...) The bee is very beautiful, you don't often see a bee from behind (^.^)

yours, hotaroxx ( I hope the critique is acceptable ^.^)
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